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    Alar City Fulida Fiber Co., Ltd. Phase I parking overhaul

    PublishDatetime:2019-5-20 16:11:12  Hits:160

      Jiangxi Taide Engineering Co., Ltd. undertook the technical renovation project during the first phase of workshop parking overhaul of Alar City Fulida Fiber Co., Ltd., which was started in May 2019, and the staff of the company actively responded to the requirements of the owners. Because the project time is tight, the task is heavy. In order to ensure the safe, high-quality, efficient and timely completion of the project, the leaders of the company attach great importance to, seriously treat, carefully organize and deploy the tasks of each link, and finish the technical renovation task on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. The production line was put into operation smoothly and received unanimous praise from the owners. Again reflects the company's staff to work conscientiously, positive and responsible attitude to the owner.