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    2019 Xinjiang Fulida overhaul report

    PublishDatetime:2019-6-15 9:19:54  Hits:262

      On June 15, 2019, Xinjiang Fulida overhaul project began in an orderly manner.Taide Engineering Co., Ltd. undertook the first and second phases of Xinjiang Fulida Fiber Co., Ltd. Dope,spinning,spinningbath workshop and acid production workshop, DCS system replacement, system segmentation, new equipment debugging and other tasks.The overhaul is scheduled to be completed in 15 days, which is too short for the heavy workload. So, when the first rays of sunlight of each day hit the earth, Taide's staff could be seen ready to go. The sun is setting, but Ted is still at work. Taide's staff is working overtime and is racing against the clock.

      There is bitterness and tiredness at work, and perhaps a little gripe.But the Ted people did not retreat, no holiday.Facing difficulties head-on, working hard and shouldering heavy burdens bravely.Only a belief, must ensure the quality, quantity and safety of the completion of the company assigned to the task.

    That's how JTDC works. We call him the JTDC spirit.