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  • Project training

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    Project training
     1、The general training rules
     The training for the people of design, construction, operation and maintenance on the buyer is the foundation of the automatic control system to start and run successfully.
     The experienced experts of the seller using modern methods to arrange training courses. Every teacher have regular classroom teaching experience. The teacher helps the students to master the content of the training courses, teach how to use the technical data guidance and answer the questions during the courses.
     The seller provide necessary technical data, drawings, equipment, instrument and safety protective equipment to the students, and allow them to take the notebook、technical data and related documents back.
     At the ending of the training, the seller should make evaluation to students, and notify the buyer directly.
     2、Training at the seller
      The buyer sent people to join the training organized by the seller. ( the number of training and the training time will be confirmed after the signing of the contract)
      The training should have the following content at least:

    · The internal structure of DCS and characteristics

    · Software configuration

    · The generation of the database

    · CRT Picture production

    · Hardware maintenance, inspection test, the method of debug

    · The basic principle of data communication system, communication protocol and interface

    · The field instrument working principle and the method of calibration

     3、On-site training
      The seller provides the buyer additional necessary training, because after the seller's training, the seller has changed the hardware and software. This kind of additional training is at engineering field, so called it the site training.
      The On-site training includes these items at least:

    · Basic knowledge of the DCS and system configuration

    · The installation, check and arrangement of DCS, alignment and the maintenance online courses.

    · The correct method of verification and calibration of the instrumentation

    · The human-machine interface application training

    · MCC cabinet control principle and the communication with the DCS training

     4、Online operation training
      When field installation and loop testing, the seller trained the buyer's operators about the DCS and online instrument operation.